At Sunbelt Medical, our proprietary accounts receivable workflow software gives you the edge you need to ensure improvement of your bottom line and free you to focus on patient care so you can build the practice of your dreams. 

Each client has an assigned client coordinator who serves as the primary contact to handle questions and inquiries for the practice

Work to be processed by Sunbelt Medical Management gets to us in several ways. Clients that are utilizing electronic medical records transmit information through the system to us for review and filing. Practices that have not gone paperless generally scan their documents and upload them to us.

In the area of billing and collections, Sunbelt extends the following services

  • Review of daily charges for accuracy
  • Entry of charges and time of service payments
  • Entry of patient receipts, insurance payments, and contractual adjustments
  • Process insurance claims and patient statements
  • Review of insurance EOB’s for denials and underpayments and implementation of corrective action
  • Persistent follow up on all claims – large and small
  • Assisting patients with account inquiries and follow up with patients on past due accounts
  • Reconciliation of insurance and patient payments to ensure the money is accounted for

Each month all accounts greater than 30 days old are reviewed by the Sunbelt Medical Management staff and calls are made to insurance companies and patients, whichever is applicable, to initiate corrective action. We then continue to follow those claims for further corrective measures if needed.

Most applications are submitted electronically through several clearinghouses we utilize. Each of these clearinghouses has online claims correction capabilities that hasten the payment process. The exception to electronic claims is most workers compensation claims, which require that operative notes come attached to the paper claim form, and some carriers that are not currently set up to accept electronic claims (though this approach is becoming less common).

No matter where you’re at in terms of going digital, the ability to store, and share, medical records on our secure platform will keep you poised for success in an ever more complex world.

  • Monthly reporting of key business statistics and trends
  • Client-specific customized reports so that physicians can effectively manage their practice

There are few things that better represent ‘red tape’ than insurance billing. Navigating this ever-changing landscape is one of our specialties so that our clients can get paid the right amount at the right time – avoiding all the frustration caused by delays and confusion.

Generally, payments continue to go to your practice address. After copies of checks and supporting documents have been copied they are scanned and uploaded to Sunbelt Medical Management in the same way charge information is on the front end.

Whether you are a contract provider, accept direct reimbursement or directly help your patients file their claims, our service will free you and your team up from all the time wasted on hold with insurance companies so you can focus on the people that matters most – the people right in front of you – your patients. 

Sunbelt Medical Management works with patients to collect balances – including paid copays, coinsurances, and deductibles. Our staff reviews statements for correct patient balances and sends all statements. You will no longer have to chase patients for their outstanding balances

  • Initial credentialing and re-credentialing with all payers
  • Certified coders on staff to provide coding audits and education

Sunbelt Medical Group, along with their partnering healthcare organizations, are changing the way in which healthcare is provided. 

We are a physician-led, outcome-oriented local company dedicated to improving the health of our community as well as being an innovative company for its providers and their patients.  We are passionately focused on:

  • Building the Premier Integrated Medical Group in Tucson
  • Acquisition of Medical Practices 
  • Targeted Growth and Diversification of Established Practices
  • Practice Management