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Sunbelt Medical Management came to fruition through the efforts of a group of private practice physicians, psychologists and physical therapists who were frustrated by the limited options available for billing, filing and collection processes.

The practitioners endeavored to work with several billing companies and soon realized they were losing revenue due to submission errors, sporadic follow up, and frequent denials on claims that should have been simple.  In addition, they were unable to receive the accurate reports and health insurance data they needed to properly analyze their contracts and manage their practices.

 In December 2014, Ed Hudson and his business partner, Yoram Levy purchased the company from the original owners. After a smooth transition that included retaining clients and staff and changing the name of the business, Sunbelt Medical Management has flourished as a full-service solutions provider for medical practices.

Leadership Team

When the right people come together to achieve a common goal, the results can be remarkable. This rare combination of experience, passion and expertise is what you will find in the Sunbelt Medical Management Leadership Team. Together, they bring expertise from multiple industries to provide a high level of service and results.

Yoram Levy


Yoram Levy has been a business leader in Southern Arizona for over 30 years. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Yoram spent the majority of his career developing land throughout Southern Arizona with several notable companies including AF Sterling Homes, Diamond Ventures, Inc., and Triangle Ventures, LLC. Yoram has recently begun applying his knowledge and experience to Sunbelt Medical Management, Sunbelt Insurance Holdings, and AZSensco. Yoram has been active in both for-profit and non-profit organizations including the Southern Arizona Community Bank, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, Pio Decimo Center, and the Friends of Sabino Canyon.

Ed Hudson, MBA

Partner & Director of Finance

Ed Hudson brings nearly twelve years of healthcare management experience to Sunbelt Medical. Ed previously worked with The Billing Company (the predecessor to Sunbelt Medical), starting as an account manager and soon cemented his position in senior management as the company’s president. In 2014, Ed expanded his field of interest by managing other Sunbelt holdings. His background in finance includes a Bachelor’s degree from California Lutheran University and an MBA from Grand Canyon University. Ed has successfully managed revenue cycles, provided practice support through statistical analysis, and has been instrumental in setting up new medical practices in Tucson.  




  • Integration with most major office software systems

  • Dedicated account representatives who earn your trust every day

  • Caller ID is used so incoming calls are handled as if inside your office

  • Customizable reporting and metrics to help you refine your processes

  • Reduces no-pay, slow-pay and insurance red tape

  • HIPAA compliant file sharing on our secure servers

We believe our reports and our management tools add a layer of accountability for every member of the team- both yours and ours. Our analytic tools are designed to help you make the critical decisions that impact your success. Here is just a partial list of what we include:

Front Office Error Report

The charge department staff reviews the billing source documents to determine if there are any errors or omissions. The "Practice Error Report" is the collection of these errors, which is provided to the client at EOM for training and continued education. 

Daily Receipts and Denial Summary

The Daily Receipts and Denial Summary tracks over the counter and mail receipts on a daily basis. This report also summarizes any denials/zero payments from insurance carriers.

Detailed Denial Report

This report provides a breakdown of the denials and zero payments by type/reason from insurance carriers

Collection Reports

We do not send accounts to an outside collection agency without prior authorization from the client. A report is provided to the client summarizing the billing history on each account.

Staff Collection Assignments/Practice Specific Analysis Reports

We are committed to the monthly review of all patient accounts and outstanding claims. The design of the “Staff Collection Assignments” report around client specific billing parameters ensures monthly review of all accounts. These parameters also provide the means to monitor staff productivity and accountability.

Under Payment Report

The Billing Company can develop fee schedules specific to your practice in the practice management software "billing" parameters. The payment department can then notify the staff responsible for insurance collection of possible underpayments. If we identify an underpayment, this information is recorded on the “Under Payment Report” for subsequent follow-up and monitoring.

A/R and Payments by Date of Service

All billing companies can tell you how much they collected for the month. We take reporting to a different level. This report is a distribution of the current month’s receipts by month of service to obtain A/R by DOS and Collection by DOS.

EOM Summary

This report provides the practice and The Billing Company with key business statistics and trends.

Missing Ticket Report

Your practice can choose to receive the "Missing Ticket Report" on a daily, weekly or EOM basis. This report ensures chart accountability by listing the patients a charge ticket was generated for but not provided to the billing office. 

Practice Specific Analysis Reports

We can provide client specific reports so that physicians can effectively manage their practice, i.e. Referring MD Reports

Internal QA Worksheets

In each department, an internal QA process is regularly conducted to ensure continued quality of work and to identify areas in need of training.

EOM Aged A/R by Patient Type

This report provides an aging of accounts receivable separated by Patient Type. This report provides a snapshot of where the money is, i.e. how old is the A/R and whether it is insurance or patient responsibility.




“I outsourced my billing to four different companies prior to finally finding one that was willing (and able) to do it right the first time. I am very pleased with your willingness to develop a billing strategy that fits my specific needs. In the past six months alone, I have noticed a 20% increase in collections because of your accurate coding and willingness to call patients and ‘sluggish’ managed care organizations. I am delighted with your professionalism, innovation and tenacity – all of which you use on my behalf.”

Ann J – Anesthesiologist