About Us

Sunbelt Medical Management (SMM) is a multi-specialty medical management and billing group with clients across all 50 states focused on bringing greater efficiency to healthcare revenue cycle management. We were founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs, finance experts, and healthcare management professionals and our goal is simple: To change the face of healthcare by creating never before seen efficiencies between providers, their patients and the payers directly.

what makes us different?

  • SMM is self-funded and 100% privately owned/controlled by management - we are invested in our partnerships and shared successes

  • We designed and currently employ our own SaaS accounts receivable workflow tool - improving not only our client’s outcomes but providing efficiency and transparency at all levels.

  • SMM understands all levels of the healthcare business - including owning/managing their own medical practices (via Sunbelt Medical Group)




“I outsourced my billing to four different companies prior to finally finding one that was willing (and able) to do it right the first time. I am very pleased with your willingness to develop a billing strategy that fits my specific needs. In the past six months alone, I have noticed a 20% increase in collections because of your accurate coding and willingness to call patients and ‘sluggish’ managed care organizations. I am delighted with your professionalism, innovation and tenacity – all of which you use on my behalf.”

Ann J – Anesthesiologist